The River

The property has approximately 2 kilometers of river with wonderful places to fish / fly fish, tube and even pan for gold.

This river is fed by the Fortuna Dam and has no agricultural run off in the river, which means that the water is potable once you run it through filters, much like the Berkey Water Filter System.

The river is approximately 30 feet wide and is a constant flow. There is a castita that has been started but not finished on this river, but a secondary building which could be used to house batteries so that the main building can maintain power via an electric water wheel system.

There are catfish, blue gill, perch, and a trout like fish in this river.

There is also gold in this river for those who enjoy panning for gold.

There are great places to swim and picnic along the river.

The river in and of itself presents an array of income potentials for the savvy investor.










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