The Office Area

The views from this area are incredible. The previous owners turned this open area into their “bedroom” so that they could see the millions of stars at night and wake up with the sun rising over the mountains.

There is a built-in room divider that doubled as the headboard. This is 10’ wide, 5’ high and there are two 24”x 24” x 24” nightstands with two drawers each. Between the nightstands fits an 8’ folding table.

There is a Sharp 46” flat screen TV with a SKY TV box attached high in the upper corner. This is the TV that the previous owners used and we have left it there with the intention of hooking up CCTV cameras. There is a 4 camera CCTV system that one can access via the internet and cell phone app. We have it set up so that we can keep an eye on the dogs when we are gone from the property.

Facing the mountains is an executive’s desk measuring 40” deep x 80 “ wide x 30 “ tall. There is are two 4” long x 24” deep x 24” tall credenzas that matches the executive desk.

Facing the mountains is a 2’ x 3’ adjustable drawing / drafting table by Alvin. Along side of the table is 4 drawer cabinet on casters to keep art supplies and such.

In this office area are two very comfortable Lazy Boy recliners. One in a brown fabric which was purchased less than a year ago and the other is brown leather. Both are very comfortable and face looking at the mountains.





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