The refrigerator is a Panasonic “Inverter” series low power usage refrigerator / freezer with a stainless-steel finish. There is the two-door upper refrigerator compartment, a middle drawer for fruit, veggies and sandwich meats and then a lower drawer freezer compartment.

The kitchen has a side by side kitchen sink with a built in General Ecology Inc water filtering system using the #10 Aqua-Polish cartridge that employs the General Ecology’s Structured Matrix™ technology, Aqua-Polish matrix is rated at 1 micron Particle Retention. The filter removes abrasive sand, dirt, rust, suspended particles, foul tastes and odors. With that said, our well water is incredible tasting even without filtering it. The filter system also feeds the wet bar’s small sink.

There is a built-in Amana Distinction dishwasher.

Also included is a large array of dishes, silverware, kitchen utensils, food processor, orange juicer, rice maker, crock pot, blenders, pots, pans and cast iron.

All built in granite counter tops and island / prep area.





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