Rough Overview of The Property

We are offering a complete turn key property where everything is included in this sale save for personal items that we hold dear and what we can fit in a suitcase.

This is 65+ acres of property, richly forested with native Panamanian trees including many harvestable teak and other hard wood trees. There are also numerous fruit trees including mango and nanci (nanci – a Panamanian fruit) trees.

There is approximately 2 kilometers (approx 1 mile) of fresh water river that has a variety of fish, crawdads and fresh water shrimp.  An added benefit is that there is gold in the river for those who enjoy panning for gold for a hobby. I have not gotten any nuggets yet, but nice “pickers” and “fine” gold.


If you are looking for a family retreat property, there are several great places to build additional homes on the property and still give everyone “elbow room.”

If you are looking for an investment property with a lot of earning potentials, then this property has it and more.

The main area of the property is located at the lower center of the property. The main feature is approximately a two-acre walled compound with walls eighteen – twenty plus feet tall. The entire wall is also topped with barbed wire.

Because of the property’s location, that is what helps secure the property and makes it very safe. The main compound is about ¼ mile from the main road. A chained metal gate prevents people from entering the property and the entire property is fenced with barbed wire, except where the property meets the river. The river itself serves as a good security deterrent. In most places the river is over thirty feet wide and in some places over twenty plus feet deep. In areas where it is not deep, we have rushing rapids that also make it almost impossible to cross.

The walled compound is very secure with a large electric 20-foot metal plate gate that is remote controlled. There is a smaller 10-foot metal plate gate on the back of the compound. These are both secured from the inside preventing access.


Outside the compound there is a horse barn with two 15×15 stalls and a feed / tack room. Currently there are two horses being boarded here but we have use of these horses to ride the property. We can introduce you to the owners and if you wish to negotiate and allow the horses to remain on the property, their owners would probably be pleased. There is livestock supplies and horse tack that will be included in the sale.

There is a large chicken area with approximately 50+ chickens. At the time of writing the hens are coming out of molt and we are getting approximately a dozen and a half eggs a day.

Further up the area is a 7 x 15-foot smoke house with a brine / salt tank so that one can prepare a whole hog or half a side of beef, cure it and then put it in the smoke house.

Close to the smoke house is a pig enclosure where we keep a few hogs. During the day, we let one of the hogs run of the area and rotate the other hog every other day.

A little further up the area is a round pen / shooting range and a little further is our incinerator.

Finally, we have a solar powered well that is powered by four 250 watt charging four deep cycle batteries. This well pumps approximately 70 gallons to a 500-gallon holding tank that is further up the hill. The entire property is gravity fed providing approximately 50 PSI pressure in the house. The well is sitting over an aquifer and historically there has never been a problem with running out of water.

If there is a concern with that, the river that surrounds the property is potable with no agriculture run off going into the river.

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