Main Residence

Inside the walled area is where the house with over 2800sf  home under roof is located. This house is totally poured concrete with 6 inch walls with a 3’ poured concrete foundation. The house is an open floor plan with living room, kitchen, wet bar, dining room and office area with the Panamanian mountains as your view.

The home is built with a concrete roof with the ability to support a second floor. Our long-term plan was to make the second story a complete master suite with small wet bar, study and sleeping area.

This home has two bedrooms and one and a half baths. There is hot water on demand using propane tanks running the hot water as well as a tank for the gas stove which has 5 burners.

Inside The Compound

Looking towards the mountains - the 20 steel plate gate and compound wall is to the left.

Inside The Compound 2

Our back is towards the mountains and we are looking at the N.E corner of the house

Inside The Compound 3

This is the S.E corner of the house

Inside The Compound 4

This is the pool with the adjoining roofed rancho where you will find yourself spending a lot of time. We tend to eat most of our meals out here.

Inside The Compound 5

The Rancho area has outside music and is where we eat most of our meals.

Inside The Compound 6

Another view of the pool area with the hot tub.

Inside The Compound 7

Facing the west at the out buildings. The pool is behind us and the Rancho is to our right.

Inside The Compound 8

Garden area that you see when looking out the S.E side of the house.

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Panama prepper property, for sale by owner