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Close your eyes and imagine your morning…

You wake up to the sound of birds singing that you have never heard before; you smell the sweet aroma that reminds you of jasmine and honeysuckle!

The morning sun is starting to illuminate the bedroom and you swing your feet out and slip into some slippers. You sit there listening to the birds and then you smell fresh Arabica coffee brewing, coffee from your own coffee bushes, the roast was perfect and the aroma pulls at you.

Panama Prepper Property For Sale By Owner

Full Rainbow View From The Dining Room & Office Area

You come into the living room and look to your left and see the emerald green jungle covered mountains. You spot the chickens, goats and the four Holstein steers waking up and starting to lumber around in the stable area.

You pour a cup and look back at the stable area and see the baby goats starting to frolic around the area.

You come out of the kitchen and hear the river in the background and a flock of parrots fly by. You enter the dining area and look out at the panoramic view and then it hits you, a view of the largest mountains in all of Panama.

You take a sip of your coffee and remind yourself that this is real, this is your home… in the Panama Highlands.

You look over on the dining room table and see some banana’s, not just a bunch of bananas, but a BUNCH of bananas still attached to the stalk that you cut just the other day. Some of them have turned a nice yellow and you snap one off, peel it and bite into the sun kissed sweetness.

Ever have a banana that glistens with sweet moisture? Once you have a tree ripened banana, you will never go back to store bought bananas.

Breakfast in Panama and with an amazing view.

Welcome To Panama Highlands Ranch.

Overview of The Property

Main Residence

The Master Bedroom

The Guest Bedroom

The Living Room

The Kitchen

The Dining Area

The Office Area

The Animals

Wrap Around Porch

The Pool Area

12.5 Kw Solar Power &  16.5 Kw Diesel Generator

Vehicles Included

Covered Gardening Area

The River

The Heights

Income Potentials

Panama Prepper Property For Sale By Owner


Panama Prepper Property For Sale By Owner